Friday, June 19, 2009

Order out of chaos

The doctrine of creation shows how God brings order out of chaos and something out of nothing. Things are not as we or the Bablyonians perceive them to be. When we see chaos and futility, there may actually be order and purpose. It took centuries for man to realise that there is an underlying order and predictability to the physical world. There is a significant discontinuity between our perceptions and prejudices about the world and the actual reality.

The mathematisation of nature frees us from the limitations of our perceptions and prejudices.
Science only advanced when ``pure reason'' was abandoned and experiment embraced.

Given that the Creator of the creation is not like we might think we should not be surprised that the Creation is also quite different to what we might expect (e.g., quantum weirdness).

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  1. Good post, the one book in the Bible that brings a theological perspective to such things is of course the book of Job.
    The observed reality doesn't accord with what we think God should do.