Saturday, September 5, 2009

A lawyer speaks the truth

Just in case, because of my last post, readers may think I don't like or respect any lawyers. I draw your attention to a moving and challenging article, Three gifts for hard times in Christianity today, by William J. Stuntz, a Professor at Harvard Law School. In the midst of incredible personal suffering and pain, he describes three lessons:
  • God usually doesn't remove life's curses. Instead, he redeems them.
  • Amazing as the greatest of all gifts is, God the Son does more than save sinners. Jesus' life and death also change the character of suffering, give it dignity and weight and even, sometimes, a measure of beauty.
  • Our God remembers even his most forgettable children.
Other Choice quotes include:
In the Bible, remembrance usually combines two meanings: first, holding the one who is remembered close in the heart, and second, acting on the memory. When God repeatedly tells the people of Israel to remember that he brought them out of Egypt, he is saying much more than "get your history right." A better paraphrase would go like this: "Remember that I have loved you passionately. Remember that I have acted on that love. Hold tight to that memory, and act on it too."
Philosophers and scientists and law professors (my line of work) are not in the best position to understand the Christian story.....

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