Monday, October 26, 2009

Practicing what you preach

Leigh Trevaskis gave me a nice review article, Theological Intrepretation after Barth from the Spring 2009 Issue of The Journal of Theological Interpretation, by Hans Madueme. It gives a thoughtful review of three books, two of which explicitly consider Barth's exegesis of Scripture.
One quote I found particularly interesting and valuable was:
We begin with Barth's strengths. First, his commitment to exegesis is astonishing. Any criticism of his doctrine of Scripture would do well to acknowledge that, functionally, he practiced a remarkable kind of biblicisim.
Later I hope to mention a few things I disagreed with (or at least found puzzling) in the article, partly relating to its discussion of how the Atlantic ocean divides discussions of the significance of history, and the value/problems of debates about inerrancy.

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