Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is eating chocolate cake sinful?

My wife and I love chocolate cakes such as "mud" cake, but I sometimes
have a moment of conscience about ordering a cake at a restaurant which is entitled "Chocolate sin cake". This is not because I am worried about the calories (Joules to the SI-correct!) but because the name seems to promote the misconception, "if its good it must be sinful".

What is sin? A simple and helpful definition that can be easily remembered is sin is our

The consequences of sin is ultimately broken relationships, injustice, pain, suffering, self-destruction, death. There is nothing good about this....

The angel told Joseph, "you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins,"
(Matthew 1:21)

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  1. I've had that same circumstance. I'm not a dessert person really, so I don't have any problem turning down desserts, and will not order things with "sin" in the title, for the reasons you've already expressed.

    I'm not sure how that squares, though, with the fact that I have a cat named Evil. (His name is really Evil Tom, and we named him that when that's what he was - the local nasty alley tomcat. We've since tamed him, but the name has stuck.)