Friday, February 5, 2010

One Christian's enthusiasm for science

When one scientist received the latest publication of a colleague he enthusiastically wrote back:
" I yearned to discuss with you, ....., in a highly agreeable kind of discourse, the many undisclosed treasures of Jehovah, the creator, which he reveals to us one after another. For who is permitted to remain silent at the news of such develpments? Who is not filled with a surging love of God, pouring itself copiously forth through tongue and pen?"
Who were the two scientists? Johannes Kepler wrote this to Galileo when he received a copy of the Sidereal Message which reported the discoveries Galileo made with his telescope.
I found this quote in the chapter on the emergence of modern science in Denis Alexander's helpful book, Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and faith in the twenty-first century.

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