Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conference on the church and the academy

What should the relationship be between the church and the academy?

This will be a theme of a conference to be held at Emmanuel College in the University of Queensland at the end of June this year.

One stream of the conference focuses on Biblical studies, theology, and mission.

The purpose of the second stream is to bring together scholars working in secular academic disciplines to explore how intellectual issues in their disciplines interact with issues in theological and Biblical studies. This is increasingly important due to the rise of postmodernism and economic rationalism in the academy and of anti-intellectualism in the church. Scholars in the arts, sciences, and engineering who are Christians are being asked to present papers on how a Biblical perspective might dialogue with their discipline and/or how the church can benefit from such a dialogue.
In 2009 we had papers such as

Can Cultural Linguistics Serve the Indigenous Church?
Churches Supporting Christians in the Academy
Confessions of a Christian Criminologist
Divine Pedagogy: Theological Use of Educational Imagery
Law and gospel: Jurisprudential implications of a theological schema
Science and Christian Apologetics - Opportunities and Pitfalls
Statutory Construction and Biblical Hermeneutics - Law in the Service of the Gospel?
Student attitudes to some ideas of Science and Christianity
Taming your Tongue in Academia
The Evangelical Christian School: 10 Critical Issues
The Spirit of St Benedict and the 21st Century University
Theology 2.0: Blogging as Theological Discourse

Consider attending and submitting an abstract.

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  1. I can't see any relationship. In fact, I can't see why there are religion departments in universities. It seems to me that for example, NT scholarship should be contained in the history departments of universities rather than have a separate set of departments for religions.