Friday, April 23, 2010

Images of India

I am really enjoying my time here. I am not sure I can write any coherent description so here are a few random vignettes:

the taxi from the airport weaving between cars at 120 km/hr (speed limit was 80 km/hr)
... driver does not wear a seat belt ... driver does not know where to go so picks up a man on the street who does...

an abundance of dogs on the streets

friendly warm gentle people.... beautiful colourful saris

struggling to eat with my fingers, especially my right hand (I am left-handed...)

delicious food...

a labor intensive economy... an abundance of restaurant servers, cooks, security guards, cleaners, ...

no curb and guttering anywhere .... lots of stained unpainted cement walls ... building rubbish everywhere...

drinking coconut juice straight from the coconut

traffic is organised chaos

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