Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our humiliation of God

To mark Easter, last night my family watched The Passion of Christ movie produced by Mel Gibson. This is the second time I have seen it. Both times I have been reluctant to watch it, probably because of its graphic depiction of the violence. Yet both times I have been glad I have watched it. Both times, I must thank my wife for her eagerness to watch it.

A few things I appreciate about the movie are the depictions of:
  • the spiritual battle of Jesus, both in the Garden and as he goes to the cross
  • the inner torment of Judas
  • Mary's grief as she watches her son tortured
  • the anger and self-righteous confidence of the religious leaders
  • the brutality of the Roman rule of Judea
  • Pilate's inner struggle to act justly, to maintain stability, and listen to his wife
  • the complete humiliation of Jesus (and God)
  • the mocking of Jesus by the crowds
The movie confronts the viewer to ask: which character in the drama am I?

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