Tuesday, April 6, 2010

War is hell 2

My family and I just watched a DVD, My Brother Jack, based on a classic Australian novel by George Johnston. I read the novel when I was around 20 and found this adaptation as a TV mini-series enthralling.
It describes the story of the author's struggle into adulthood, in suburban Melbourne between the world wars. As David Meredith, he grows up with an abusive father, who is tormented by his WWI experience, including exposure to mustard gas. The whole story is reflected through the uncertain David's relationship with his older confident brother.
It chronicle's David's passion and struggle to be a writer and eventual success as a journalist and then war-time correspondent and author. But, this is against the backdrop of his failing marriage and strains with his parents and brothers.
The movie captures well the influence of close family relationships, for better and for worse. And the incredible damage that war does, long after the shooting stops....

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