Saturday, June 12, 2010

My favourite TV show

I do not own a TV. I grew up without one. For only 4 years of my life have I personally owned one. It was a wedding present, which I wished we did not get. Although, I think the technology is morally neutral I think most TV programs are trash and the world would be a lot better place without TV.

Now that I have got that off my chest ....
I confess that I have become addicted to watching on DVD
(n.b., no commercials)
The West Wing.

It is so good, it shows just how bad other shows are!

Things I like about it include:
  • many of the characters are quirky and endearing (Toby is my favourite)
  • it deals with substantial political, moral, and social issues
  • although it clearly presents a liberal Democratic perspective it does not simply present a one-dimensional ideological perspective
  • it is educational
  • it makes me laugh
  • it is intellectually stimulating
  • it is fun shared activity with my wife, Robin

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