Saturday, July 3, 2010

True orthodoxy under test

The fact that, through the free grace of God, Jesus Christ is made our Righteousness means that we have no righteousness of our own. To be put freely in the right with God means that we and all our vaunted right are utterly called in question before God.... No one may boast of his own orthodoxy any more than he may boast of his own righteousness. Justification thus turns out to be the strongest statement of the objectivity of faith and knowledge..... the very beliefs which we profess and formulate as obediently and carefully as we can in fidelity to God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ are themselves called into question by that revelation, for they have their truth not in themselves but in him to whom they refer,...
This is the crux at which fundamentalism is put to its severest test...
Thomas F. Torrance, Preface to Reality and Evangelical Theology, pages 18-19, 1999, IVP edition

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