Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Key ideas about the relationship between the Bible and Science II

Previously, I posted what I thought were some of these. My wife, Robin, rewrote these in a clearer and more basic fashion.

1.      The same God created this physical world and came to live on earth as Jesus and die for our sins.

2.      Science and the Bible have different purposes.
        They show us different sides of what is true about this world.
Science is great at helping us understand the physical world but can't help us understand the meaning and purpose of life.

Science helps us understand How and When.
The Bible helps us Who and Why.

3.      Science involves faith: that it can reveal truth about the physical
world and that there are laws to be discovered.

4.      We can't understand everything:
        About this physical world: Science does not give clear answers about some things.
        We can't understand everything about God: The Bible does not give a clear picture about certain things.

5.      A distinction must be made between:
        belief in evolution as a biological process
        belief in evolution as a world view.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ross,

    Haven't read much of your blog while I was in Brisbane (at QTC) but ironically had my first real look since I moved to Townsville a month or so ago. I saw no one had commented on your 5 propositions so I thought I might have a go.

    1. Absolutely agree.

    2. Yes but when the Bible speaks of the how and when, it speaks in a trustworthy fashion. Otherwise how can we know that when it speaks of the who and why, it is trustworthy?

    3. Couldn't agree more.

    4. Absolutely agree, but there's a reliability to what God says that's just not there with (at least significant chunks of) science.

    5. Yes but the two are not unrelated. Evolution as a biological process has implications for our world view, for example in our understanding of what suffering is (at least in the animal realm).

    Thanks for your particular interest in this area - the intersection of science and Christianity is a worthwhile pursuit in my humble opinion.

    Andrew Millsom