Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Others: a hot new magazine

I would not want to be one to start rumours... but I think I heard that the publishers of the women's magazine Self are going to break into new markets with a men's magazine entitled Others. I anticipate articles about:

Careers and work: how to make sure your colleagues get the credit they deserve
Marriage: how to manipulate your heart so your spouse gets what they want
Money:  ten new ways to give away more money
Sex: how to exercise greater self-control and live with less
Movies: the five best agape thrillers
Self image: more contentment, patience, joy, ...
Public transport: faster than ever before ...

I did a web search but could not find any details. Let me know if you find them or hear more. But, maybe I was dreaming last night ... or I am struggling with my mental health and distinguishing reality from fantasy...

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