Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hitler's mistaken theology

Just after World War II, Karl Barth gave a series of lectures in the bombed out remains of Bonn University. These were later published as Dogmatics in Outline. He gives a beautiful and profound exposition of each phrase of the Apostle's Creed. Chapter 7 is "God Almighty". Here are a few extracts:
God is not 'power in itself'.... when Hitler used to speak about God, he called him `the Almighty.' But it is not 'the Almighty' who is God; we cannot understand from the standpoint of a supreme concept of power who God is.... God's power is from the start the power of law.... God's power is holy, righteous, merciful, patient, kindly power.

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  1. Moltmann has an interesting take on the heresy that arises from equating God with power. He argues that the imago dei becomes nothing more than despotism...dominance over the created world! I imagine Barth at the remains of, what a sight!