Saturday, March 19, 2011

Truth and peace kiss

The Karl Barth Digital Library is a great resource [which thankfully my university subscribes to]. One great feature is that it provides a full translation of latin and greek phrases. 

For example, in his preface to volume 3.1 of Church Dogmatics: The Doctrine of Creation Karl Barth gives a long quote in Latin which I had no idea what it meant, but now do. He looks back wistfully to 1624 when the Theological faculty at Leyden could publish a commonly agreed dogmatics, with the stated goal

so that we might firmly establish the harmony of our faith and doctrine, and our mutual agreement concerning all the topics of holy Religion: having no doubt that when the Pastors of our Churches have considered this specimen of our common doctrine, so often desired by them, they will rejoice with us in the name of this Province, where, by the singular grace of God…in the lecterns of our Academy no less than in the pulpits of the congregations, they can now once more see that truth and peace, to use the words of the Royal Prophet David, have met together and kissed each other

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