Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hearing the Word of the The King

Last night my family enjoyed watching The King's Speech. It is a great and moving story, which to me highlighted:

the importance of finding your voice [not just your physical voice]

the value of helping the mute find their voice

the power of words to comfort and to inspire

that childhood events can subconsciously have a large impact on our later lives

that people hunger for leadership particularly in times of uncertainty and great need

how today the advent of television, iTunes, multi-media and a preoccupation with images has diminished the power of words. furthermore, the words of leaders are just not heard in a cacophony of background noise. long gone are the days when people crowded around radio sets to hear a word from the Prime Minister or the King.

Yet today the words we need to particularly clamber to hear are those of the King of Kings, the Word of God.

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