Monday, June 27, 2011

A flawless movie?

My son and I watched the movie Flawless and I highly recommend it. It is centred around life in the head office of the (fictional) London Diamond Corporation in 1960. A janitor joins forces with a disgruntled female manager to reek revenge on the company. I thought the story was highly original and I particularly enjoyed how unpredictable it was. There were quite a few surprises. Although not the main theme, the movie does highlight the immorality and duplicity of big business and its collusion with governments (capitalist and communist!).

It was refreshing to see a crime thriller that involves no violence or sex!
But, I sure noticed how much the heroine and some of other the characters smoked cigarettes!

Nevertheless, no violence and sex does not make a movie morally enriching. My son pointed out how the story celebrates people who take revenge and a "Robin Hood" view of philanthropy and justice. I was so intrigued by the story I missed this moral failure.

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