Thursday, October 13, 2011

Questions raised by natural science and anthropology

  • Why is there a universe? [Why is there something rather than nothing?]
  • Why is the universe the way it is? [Why aren't the laws of physics different?]
  • Why is there consciousness?
  • Why is there morality?
  • Why is religion ubiquitous and durable? i.e. Why is religion found in every culture and in every age?
  • Why can we do science?
I would not claim that the Christian doctrine of Creation provides definitive answers to all of these questions. However, it does provide a coherent framework to provide possible answers.

This post and the questions were stimulated by a presentation I heard by Rodney Holder today at the International Lecture Course on Science and Religion in Kerala.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed that presentation a lot. And cosmological fine tuning tends to be quite compelling for me (10^60 being a really huge number, for example).

    However, is cosmological fine tuning not just another god of the gaps?

    In particular, i'm uncomfortable with rejecting multiverse, especially if it's for the sake of our nice fine-tuning arguments, because frankly multiverse could be right, right? Fine-tuning could be nonsense.

    Having publicly rejected natural selection for so long, Christians are going to have a hard time being taken seriously for decades at least.

    Or have i missed the point with fine tuning?