Saturday, February 18, 2012

The trivialisation of racism

These thoughts are prompted by watching the media circus associated with recent incidents in the English Premier League. The recent installment of the Suarez-Evra conflict seems to me to be largely about a "win at all costs" mentality from all the parties. Peoples' actions and statements seem to have more to do with unbridled male testerone than racism. Pre- and post-game statements and actions by players, managers, and club owners are just "mind games" to intimidate opponents or public relations exercises to protect corporate profits. Actual and perceived racism may not be the real issue of concern. It is just a convenient "politically correct" vehicle to achieve ones sporting goals. I am reminded of how Marxist-Leninists [and some politicians] seek and exploit issues of concern to the "proletariat" to propel themselves to power.

Real issues of racism are crippling inequities in access to health care, criminal justice, political and religious freedom, education, and employment. Tragically, they are not being discussed.

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