Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is the Gospel true?

This week in the apologetics course we are looking at "Concepts of truth". There are four different ways one could ask and answer the question, "Is the Gospel true"?

1. Does the Gospel fit the facts?
The correspondence theory of truth

2. Does the Gospel make sense? Is it consistent within itself and with other observations?
The coherence theory of truth

3. Does believing the Gospel work? i.e., make a concrete difference in peoples lives.
The pragmatic theory of truth

4. Is the Gospel true for me? Is it personally relevant?
The personal theory of truth

I found it helpful to contrast the ancient Greek view of truth: something intellectual, independent of personal and moral connotations, with a Biblical view.
In the Old Testament truth is usually discussed in the context of the character of God or a person and is related to faithfulness, dependability, consistency, and reliability.
In the New Testament it is also related to completeness and integrity and personal involvement.

Overall, a Biblical view of truth is multi-faceted and should engage with all four questions above.

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