Sunday, July 29, 2012

Global warming and social justice

This coming Friday, The Centre for the Study of Science, Religion, and Society at Emmanuel College at the University of Queensland is hosting a talk Climate change and the Weightier Matters by John Cook.
He is the founder of the very popular website Skeptical Science which addresses global warming skepticism.
Here is the abstract for John's talk:

Climate change is typically framed as an environmental issue: “save the planet!”  Even among the Christian community, it is often framed along similar lines as a creation care issue. However, another important aspect of human-caused global warming is social justice. Those who contribute least to global warming are the most impacted by its impacts and the least able to adapt. This makes it highly relevant to core Christian values such as the ‘weightier matters of justice, mercy and faithfulness’. The importance of social justice is further emphasised in Biblical passages such as Matthew 25 and Amos 4. Climate action is not reserved for those concerned about polar bears and mother nature. Rather, it is an issue deserving of serious consideration by those motivated by the love of Christ who commands us to love ‘the least of us’.

I heard him talk last year at a Physics Department colloquium and so am sorry I will miss this talk due to being en route to Sri Lanka.

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