Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reading Genesis historically and literally

I really liked this video.
What does it mean to read Genesis "literally" and in its historical context?
I think that N.T. Wright in the last few minutes is absolutely brilliant about how some "modern" readings miss the whole point and impoverish the text. But, it is a bit like what Barth says....

I thank Matt Cardier for bringing the video to my attention.
It is produced by the Biologos Foundation and appears to be a nice condensation of several longer videos they have produced.

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  1. ALL of the usual Christian interpreters impoverish Genesis, the entire Bible, all Sacred Texts, religion altogether, and of course the Living Divine Reality

    This is because they are all very solidly trapped in the dismal reductionist anti-psychic, anti-mystical, and above all, anti-Spiritual world-view or paradigm of scientism which now patterns the entire human world.

    These 2 reference explain how/why

    Plus this reference provides an introduction to an author who provides a more subtle understanding of the nature of the nature of conditional reality