Thursday, July 19, 2012

Resources for teaching science and theology

In teaching it is important not to re-invent the wheel. One can save lots of time and do a better job by making use of resources (books, videos, articles, course outlines, ...) from others who have taught similar courses.

In two weeks I am heading off to Sri Lanka to teach a one week intensive Masters level course on Science and Theology. Here are a few of the resources I will use.

The video from the Test of Faith.

Some of the Faraday papers.

Unnatural enemies: an introduction to science and Christianity by Kirsten Birkett. This excellent introduction is now available as an e-book for just $5.

A Users Guide to Science and Belief by Michael Poole. This covers the basic issues at a basic level and is beautifully presented.

Chapter 3 of Gods that Fail by Vinoth Ramachandra (a Sri Lankan).

I also think it is important to introduce students to resources that they may actually use [both due to availability and suitability] themselves in their own ministries.

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