Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joining the flock in Bangalore

Today Dr. Atul Aghamkar and his wife Suman kindly took my wife and I to their church, Emmanuel Church, in Bangalore. The sermon included a discussion about the sheep metaphor for God's people. Distinct characteristics of sheep are:
they easily wander and get lost,
they like to be clean [unlike pigs which wallow in the mud],
they belong in flocks,
they need a shepherd to guide and protect them,
they are harmless,
they are used for sacrifices [cf. Romans 12:1],
they are useful and productive...

The church pew bulletin had a moving and challenging text by the pastor, D. Paul Augustine. He challenged the congregation to apply Matthew 9:36-38 and to have the  compassion of Jesus towards people from the North East of India who are currently fleeing Bangalore and other southern cities from fear.

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