Monday, September 10, 2012

Fishing for romance (and meaning) in the desert

My wife and I enjoyed watching the romantic comedy Salmon fishing in the Yemen. There were a few interesting side comments about "science versus faith".

There was an interesting moment when the two main characters arrived in Yemen from England and saw some muslim men praying.

Man: I don't know anyone who goes to church.
Woman: I don't either.
Man: On sundays we go to Tesco [grocery store].

A sad statement of secular Britain.


  1. We watched it too. I thought the same thing and then thought people in Australian cities could say the same thing.

  2. Gavin, thanks for the comment.
    It is probably true in much of Western europe too.

  3. Not wishing to rain on your nostalgia parade, but: the church in the U.K. is growing, whatever the mainstream media, popular culture and indeed some church leadership would have us believe.