Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Christian view about climate change II

John Quinn has an excellent article Finding truth in the climate change debate in the latest issue of CASE magazine. It is part of a whole issue on science.
The quarterly magazine is published by the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education at New College, University of NSW in Sydney. You have to subscribe to read it.

Quinn encourages Christians to be humble acknowledging their limited technical expertise and to actually read accessible scientific summaries [such as one from the Royal Society] rather than listening to their favourite political commentator. He says
My view is that people ought to be skeptical when politicians and commentators present minority scientific views with fervour, and use these views as a justification for inaction on an issue with potentially catastrophic consequences.
Like John Cook, Quinn also emphasizes how Christians should be concerned that those who will suffer most from climate change will be the poor in developing countries.

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