Saturday, January 19, 2013

Barth, science, and theology

This tuesday I am giving a Doktorklub talk at SAIACS based on a draft of a paper "Karl Barth's Doctrine of Creation: implications for the dialogue of science and theology."
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The Doktorklub is a new forum and mode of delivery for me. I am looking forward to experiencing it. Here are the guidelines I was given:
The Doktorklub is a forum for faculty and doctoral students to listen to and then respond with questions and comments, to a paper. Usually, we prefer papers that are works in progress (not published, though hopefully heading for publication). 
Also, we prefer our presenters to read their papers rather than lecture or talk about the paper. This is to facilitate discussion. We provide the speaker about 45 minutes to read select portions of their paper, or the whole paper if there is time. There will be an additional 45 minutes by the floor to ask further questions and/or comment on the paper.
As a scientist I am used to a very different mode of delivery: a straight 45 minute powerpoint presentation summarising the work with a few minutes for discussion and questions at the end.
[Indeed here are the powerpoint slides from such a presentation of this work].
On my work blog I previously posted about this culture difference from the humanities.

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