Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Made in the image of God II

An earlier post considered are being made in the "image of God" endows all humans with distinction. Each is to be respected and valued, regardless of social status, education, sex, or religious belief. This is not derived from the American Constitution but rather from interpreting the Genesis text in its social and historical context.

This defines how we should relate to one another. But also how should I act? Being made in God's image also means that I am God's representative or ambassador [just like the ancient statue of a king represented the king]. I am not representing myself, my tribe, or alien forces or interests.

Hence, I am to conduct myself in a way that honours God and to be an advocate for his concerns: love, justice, peace, faithfulness, and righteousness.

More insight is also gained by all considering other Biblical uses of the "image of God". The second commandment forbids making and worshiping "graven images". An "image" of stone or wood is a perversion and a lie [Isaiah 44:20]. It does not represent the living God. But some idea of what God is like is by considering humans, who are made in his image. We are not to worship the human image. But they are an acceptable representation, reflecting some of the wonder and glory of God, their Creator.
The perfect representation of the Creator is Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:15 says Jesus is the "image of God".
The image of the Babylonian ruler King Nebuchadnezzar that was to be respected and honoured. (Daniel 3).

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