Sunday, February 3, 2013

Compassion in Jesus name II

Last week my wife, son, and I had the privilege to visited a child development centre in Kerala, India that is run by Compassion. We met the child that we have sponsored for the last nine years. Seeing her home, her school, her church, and spending time with her family was a very rich and eye-opening experience.
We were very impressed by the quality of the staff at the centre, the energy and the enthusiasm of the 360 children at the centre, and the integrated nature of the program which cares for all aspects of the children's development.

It was embarrassing to us that people were so appreciative of our contribution. We are so affluent that the monthly sponsorship is a trivial amount of money (less than one dollar a day after the tax deduction). Yet it makes such a difference. In particular, it keeps children in school, rather than being sent to work after primary school.

A previous post described a visit to another Compassion project a few years ago.

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