Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I can have science and Jesus too!

I can have both!
On monday night, this was the classic line of John Dickson (from the Centre for Public Christianity) on the popular Australian TV show Q and A. Every monday night it features a panel who answer questions from the audience (both studio and external).
It was refreshing to hear from a Christian leader who saw no conflict between scientific knowledge and orthodox Christian belief.

Also on the panel was the New Atheist and astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss. He made grand claims for science, including that it provided a basis for ethics and showed that the universe has no purpose. To me these are philosophical claims which require interpreting scientific knowledge. Different people will (and do) interpret this knowledge differently. Krauss seems to ignore and deny this distinction between science and philosophy, claiming only his interpretation is "scientific" and "rational".

Some earlier posts also considered Krauss' grand philosophical claims about the Higgs boson and the beginning of the universe.

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