Monday, July 15, 2013

Integrating the Gospel with academia and service

The past few years I have learnt a lot and been challenged greatly by my Christian friends in the developing world. One example was last year I visited the North Delhi Intercollegiate Evangelical Union. They recently completed an "Intensive Summer Study" that consisted of meeting 4 hours a day for 6 weeks. The participants were required to purchase and read ten books that covered a wide range of topics from systematic theology to post-colonial theory. My wife and I followed the daily process on Facebook and on the blog. I found the commitment level particularly challenging given the cultural context of minimal resources, extreme pressure to succeed professionally, and an educational system based on rote learning and specialisation rather than analysis and integration.

Perhaps a key word describing the goal, process, and outcome is integration: integration of faith and practice, integration of worship and life, integration of the Gospel and academic disciplines, integration of ethnic diversity, integration of mission with service,....
Integrity is all about integration.

In the affluent and arrogant West we have much to learn from others living in very different circumstances.

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