Monday, October 21, 2013

Apologetics in India

This week I am on leave [vacation/holidays] from work.
My wife and I are visiting SAIACS in Bangalore, India. I am teaching part of an Apologetics course taken by second year M.A. students.
Previously, Varughese John introduced the subject for two weeks and Rodney Holder (Faraday Institute) spent a week on Science and Religion.

Today I reviewed the three dominant forms of apologetics used in the Western world: presuppositionalism, evidentialism, and experientialism.
Here are the slides that go with todays lectures.
It also featured a lot discussions in small groups.
My challenge for the students is to come up with a distinctly Indian apologetics.
The reading for tomorrow is
*the last chapter, "Faith(s) and Reason," of Philosophy of Religion by Stephen Evans and Zachary Manis.
*my editorial, "Science and theology in non-Western contexts."

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