Thursday, January 9, 2014

We have become just like our parents!

This is a great line in the movie The Company You Keep. It is a fictional story based on aging student radicals from the 1960s who have been on the run from the FBI for more than thirty years.

It is good entertainment but features some excellent scenes where the former radicals wrestle with what they have become, and how some of them compromised their ideals.

In this scene one former radical answers "Would you do it again?"

Although the story is fictional the beginning reminds me of the case of Katherine Ann Power. She was on the FBI's Most Wanted List from 1970, but in 1993 turned herself in after living for two decades in Oregon under a different identity. I think I remember that her story featured on the cover of Time magazine. Her therapist convinced Power to give herself up, for the benefit of her own mental health. [As a trivial aside, her therapist is the mother of the notorious Courtney Love, widow of Curt Cobain.]

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