Saturday, May 24, 2014

A highly creative engagement of science and theology

Tom McLeish is a Professor of Physics at Durham University and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Next week, Oxford University Press is publishing his book Faith and Wisdom in Science. It looks like a refreshingly new and constructive approach to exploring the relationship between science and theology. Here is are some of the book highlights from the publisher website.
  • Communicates science from within real stories over a timespan of millennia
  • Argues that science can be a deeply religious activity
  • Takes the most significant Biblical book for science to be Job (rather than e.g. Genesis)
  • Takes the most significant science area for thinking about science and meaning/purpose as Statistical Mechanics (rather than e.g. Quantum Mechanics or Cosmology)
  • Insists that rather than debating "science and theology" we need both "science of theology" and a "theology of science"
  • Readers will be able to use suggestions practically, whether in church, politics or university
McLeish recently gave a seminar, related to the book, at the Faraday Institute. Here is a summary of the talk from Ruth Bancewicz and you can watch it here.
An article in The Conversation puts the book in the context of broader social debates.

I thank Leigh Trevaskis for bringing this to my attention.

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