Saturday, October 18, 2014

Student essays on science and theology

This coming week I am on leave from work. I am back in Bangalore at SAIACS teaching in the apologetics course about the relationship between science and theology. Students will write an essay on one of the following three topics.

a.  Respond to the two statements, “Science and the Bible contradict one another. Christians must believe the Bible and reject science.” You should include a discussion of the idea of “God’s two books”.

b. What is the “Big bang theory”? Review the scientific evidence for it. How is this scientific theory relevant to discussions of the relationship between science and theology?

c. Briefly review one of the historical events (the trial of Galileo, Darwin’s publication of The Origin of the Species, the Scopes trial in the USA) that are sometimes claimed to be evidence of the conflict between science and the Bible. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the actions of Christians in the event.

Here are some tips on writing essays.

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