Sunday, November 23, 2014

From revolution to disillusion

Adam Michnik, a historian who helped to overthrow the Soviets in Poland, once said: 
“Revolutions have two phases: first comes a struggle for freedom, then a struggle for power. The first makes the human spirit soar and brings out the best in people. The second unleashes the worst: envy, intrigue, greed, suspicion and the urge for revenge.”
This is in fascinating article about Iran,  The revolution is over, in a recent issue of The Economist.


  1. Helpful insight .I wonder if we can do anything to address the sense of powerlessness that seeks freedom only to setup a new tyranny .Happens at all levels?

  2. Knowing that there are still 2 worlds ( rich and poor ) with one happy driver - the economic treadmill; I am a bit suspicious of the rich world optimism ( featured in the economist ) Yes, i too would expect the mood to be away from bloody revolution as GDP in the cities grows , but what stake have the radicals in this prosperity? A chosen grab / selected comment in the article is suspiciously over reaching
    “I no longer take radical actions and I believe gradual reforms last longer than radical change.” - wishful west thinking We should focus on those who are poor and desperate still - they are the fodder /fire for war? I personally hate the contempt of the prosperous modern industrial estate for the sensitive but equally legitimate needs of agricultural communities - bombing those dusty towns out in the bush with their sheep