Sunday, May 31, 2015

I did not find this movie funny

Normally I only blog about movies I like and would recommend. Most of the movies I watch I do like because they have been well researched beforehand, usually by my son. Occasionally, I pick a dud. A few years ago I went through a bad patch and my family used to tease me about my poor selections.

Last night we watched In The Loop and I was quite disappointed. I thought a political satire could be insightful, if not slightly depressing. I was hoping for something like "Yes Minister". However, this just seemed a bit inane. I did not find the black humour very funny. Although, elements of it are believable, some of it is a stretch. Some of the swearing and workplace verbal abuse was tiresome. It is worrying that there may be people like this "running" countries and starting wars.

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  1. this destructive and depressing cynicism should be the reason people come to faith . ( how to love the world without falling for its inadequate logic)
    As Chestertons said of the progressives in his day ( biography of Shaw) they like any new religion talk "it bores us with same stale rhetoric about closer fellowship and the higher life" -It motivates but doesn't deliver