Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mental health issues in India

Tomorrow morning I am speaking at the SAIACS chapel service for faculty and students. The text is Psalm 40. I will then tell my own story of struggling with mental health issues. The slides for the rest of the talk are here.

Since arriving here I have come across the following recent articles about mental health in India.

A World Health Organization article states there are just 3 psychiatrists per one million people and 43 government funded mental health hospitals in the whole country.

In Karnataka state, which includes Bangalore, the government's mental health program is not receiving promised funds and suffers from a severe lack of doctors.

Famous Bollywood actress Deepika has founded an NGO Live Laugh Love Foundation to highlight issues of depression.

Update (September, 2016):
Plight Of India’s Mental Health: Nearly 60 Million Indians Suffer From Mental Disorders

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  1. It was a great blessing to hear your talk this morning Dr Ross and always a joy to have you and RObin in SAIACS. Mental health is very important and i am more serious after listening to your talk. Thank for sharing your experiences and we as students are really inspired to take care of mental health and not always pursuing for perfectionism (Zeeneta)