Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grace, mercy, revolution, romance, ....

Thanks to a generous Christmas gift from my mother-in-law I went with my wife and daughter to a splendid live production of the musical Les Miserables.

The sets for this production were absolutely stunning.
Previously, I have written about some of the reasons why I like the musical so much.
 It manages to consider a compelling and coherent story while engaging with a smorgasbord of themes: law versus grace, personal identity, poverty, humour, prostitution, exploitation, justice, romance, youthful idealism and naivety, sacrificial service, power, heavenly hope, the promise of political revolution, violence,  ....

The overall theme is that of Valjean's redemption, following the mercy he receives at the beginning from a priest who he stole from. The priest who says (sings)
May God's blessing go with you.  
And remember this, my brother See in this some higher plan 
You must use this precious silver To become an honest man 
By the witness of the martyrs 
By the Passion and the Blood God has raised you out of darkness 
I have bought your soul for God! 

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  1. they can ban all the Christmas carols they like . Good literature will scream back at the fanatical reactionaries with light in a dark place realities .