Friday, January 8, 2016

4 talks about the positive interaction of science and theology

Next week I am giving four talks at the annual summer school for clergy from the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Here is the current draft version of the slides. I welcome any feedback.

Awe and wonder: Science and worship

Augustine on Faith and Reason

The Biblical origins of modern science

Creation: from the Big Bang to the multiverse

Overall my goal is to illustrate the positive interaction of science and theology, particularly in history.


  1. Something noteworthy about the extreme view of - basically Christianity going by the actual airtime breakdown, is that firstly the major component is nearly always the same regardless what else is different (which might frequently be *everything*) Yet the dominant component is historical. And as one looks closer the historical capture is always substantially the same selected periods and regions.

    But it's also the same style, same structure of argument, and most striking of all, the same inaccurate/misleading or just completely wrong.

    What gets presented is essentially the contemporary popular history narrative. Which is not the work of historians possibly malignly founded. malign

    You'd think the likes of Dawkins would be the notable exception to this. But that the thing. He's among the worst offenders. The congruence between the sort of scholarly rather lovely (for many; tedious being nearer me) Darwin's Bard might be a way to call it.
    While in the very same argument or same debate or day he swiftly gets around to the historical argument. And there he pukes trashy common misconception. I mean, he can't do or have done, any significant research.

    It's so irritating. Just bitching s'pose.

    While on the subject, a really respected and individual historian at the highest possible standard is Thony Cristie. If you don't know of him, I can recommend his blog without no fear you'll waste your time on my recommendation. What you'll do, is go there and spend longer than you intended, and then start going back on a regular basis, and be markedly enriched in some way.

    It also happens that his area of special is mathematics and science with his specialism the renaissance period.

  2. clarification: sorry the first sentence is uninentionally ambiguous

    The corrected version would be

    "Something noteworthy about the extreme view taken of - basically Christianity "