Saturday, December 24, 2016

A nice dialogue about Christmas faith

Nicholas Kristof is a journalist I admire, particularly for his concern about social justice issues. I recently posted about a nice book that he co-authored with his wife about poverty alleviation programs.

In the New York Times, Kristof has a nice dialogue with Tim Keller,  entitled Pastor, Am I a Christian?
I like the questions discussed and the civil and mutually respectful tone of the back and forth.


  1. Yes; good read.
    I particularly like the back and forth about skepticism and doubt (and the message I think there is that doubt, following from skepticism, can make faith stronger) - though I wonder how this plays out for people being "outside the boundary" because of (too much) doubt.
    I.e. a bit of doubt is not necessarily bad, as long as one still has faith. A lot of doubt, resulting in the loss of faith, is a different situation.
    Anyway, there won't be a clear answer to that I think.

    Do you know whether the unedited (longer) version is available somewhere?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I agree that one has to find a balance between doubt, skepticism, and faith. This is true in religion, in science, and an in life. I don't know what that balance is. All I know is I can identify extremes that are unhelpful.

    I don't know where the longer version might be available. Perhaps it will appear later on Kristof or Keller's blogs.

    And, Best Wishes for the New Year!

    1. Thanks.
      And Best Wishes to you too! I hope to enjoy interesting posts here and on Condensed Concepts!