Saturday, January 2, 2010

Standing firm for the Gospel

This week I am on holidays with my family on Mt. Tambourine at the annual summer school of the Queensland-Northern New South Wales Branch of the Church Missionary Society (CMS). It has a great kids program and great talks.
The daily Bible talks are being given by Con Campbell from Moore Theological College (in Sydney) who is expositing 2 Timothy. Con is co-author of a blog Read Better Preach Better, which is worth checking out.

Today Con talked about not being ashamed of the Gospel. He recounted an article by Eric Fellman about a seminary student who was imprisoned by the Chinese communists in 1949. His fiance was allowed to visit him once per year. After her visit each year he was told he could leave with her, but ... on one condition: he must renounce his faith in Christ. Each year he said NO. After thirty years he was released and they were married.

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