Saturday, February 20, 2010

Growing old gracefully?

When I was in Sydney a week ago I glanced through the TimeOut Sydney magazine in my hotel room. Two things I noticed.
First, Valentines Day has become a really big deal in Australia. I remember when I moved back to Australia in 1994 with my American wife we went out for our first Valentines Day in Australia and we did not have a reservation. But it did not matter, all the restaurants were empty!

Second, there was a cover story on the rock band AC-DC. (Who battle it out with the Wiggles to be Australia's biggest earning entertainers, about $100 million each in 2009). It is interesting to see how the angry young men of my youth have aged. I particularly like the two current photos below. You can guess which of the two photos they are using in the publicity for their current tour!

I guess male rock stars dye their hair when they get old...

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