Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its time to talk about time

Time is created. Time has a direction. Time will end.

Humanity is created to live in time. Humanity is constrained. We are creatures.
Time is something that we experience and cannot escape from. There is past, present, and future. Man lives in history. God acts in history.

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity together with observations
in cosmology imply a "big bang" in the past, leading to a physical
picture in which both space and time had a beginning.
Physics can say nothing about "time" "before" the big bang.

Time will end, either in a black hole or at the "big crunch".


  1. Was space-time created at the big bang? Or is space-time a necessarily pre-existent property of a big-bang universe.

    My understanding of the multiverse theory is that there are many bangs of different sizes throughout infinite space.

    I understand that physicists cannot see outside our universe, though predictions that come from quantum theory are permissible? Or do you think not?

  2. Space-time and matter was created at the big bang. This is discussed in chapter 7 of the Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose, and illustrated in his figures

  3. Oh, embarrassingly I read that as an undergrad. All I really remember is that the significance of the Turing (sp?) machine was lost on me at the time and the writing was lucid and entertaining. I'll look it up again, thanks!