Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plane movies

I just flew to the US (a 13 hour flight). I love my new MacBook Pro which has a very long battery life (5-6 hours) and so I can get lots of work done. But inevitably, my brain starts to turn to mush and I watch movies. Before DVDs these were practically the only movies I ever watched. Furthermore, I think my judgement is clouded by my mental state. A couple of times I watched movies on the plane, enjoyed them, and then recommended them to my family, to discover they were quite mediocre. So take the following with a grain of salt.

Both are quite funny but could have done without some of the unnecessary sexual innuendo and night club scenes.

Date Night has quite a positive picture of marriage.
There is also some good satire of morality in New York city. Even though some of the characters had no qualms about violence, blackmail, theft, divorce, drug trafficking,....
they claim they would never sink so morally low as to steal someone else's dinner reservation at a restaurant!

I am not sure non-Australians will find Wog boys 2 very funny. It is a bit like an Australian version of my Big Fat Greek wedding.

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