Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawking a rehash

People are starting to ask me about Stephen Hawking's new book, the Grand Design.
He seems to be pushing the idea of multiple universes as  a way to solve the problem of the Anthropic Principle (that the natural constants of nature are fine tuned). He also appears to be claiming that the quantum theory implies the existence of multiple universes. Of course, this all implies that God does not exist....
None of these claims are particularly new or based on actual experimental evidence...

There is a cynical review by John Crace in the Guardian and a critical review by Karl Giberson in the Huffington Post.


  1. In "The Grand Design" Stephen Hawking postulates that the M-theory may be the Holy Grail of physics...the Grand Unified Theory which Einstein had tried to formulate and later abandoned. It expands on quantum mechanics and string theories.

    In my e-book on comparative mysticism is a quote by Albert Einstein: “…most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty – which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive form – this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of all religion.”

    E=mc², Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, is probably the best known scientific equation. I revised it to help better understand the relationship between divine Essence (Spirit), matter (mass/energy: visible/dark) and consciousness (f(x) raised to its greatest power). Unlike the speed of light, which is a constant, there are no exact measurements for consciousness. In this hypothetical formula, basic consciousness may be of insects, to the second power of animals and to the third power the rational mind of humans. The fourth power is suprarational consciousness of mystics, when they intuit the divine essence in perceived matter. This was a convenient analogy, but there cannot be a divine formula.

  2. Hi Ross,

    I'm looking forward to reading this book, unfortunately The Gagging of God is a beast, so I won't get to it for a while!

    Just wondering though - why does multiple universes imply that God DNE? I really like the multiple universe theory...