Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few vignettes and highlights from Serbia

going to a restaurant on the Danube in Belgrade ….hearing stories about roma [gypsy] communities being transformed by people becoming Christian... going to the police station to register as a foreigner.... hearing peoples views about the "gay pride" parade in belgrade and the associated violence... drinking yoghurt… kissing on the cheek three times for the Trinity ….. a hotel keeping my passport for the night since I am a foreigner ..... hearing from an orthodox priest about the importance of reading the Gospels... seeing Belgrade airport is named after a physicist, Tesla... being invited to an Orthodox families krsna slava  (saints day celebration) … about drug addicts having their lives transformed by Christ… after teaching how astronomy tells us the universe is 13.7 billion years old, being shown the warning in Colossians 2 "do not be taken captive by worldly philosophies"…  eating delicious squid at a restaurant overlooking the Danube and Novi Sad…. hospitality..... learning more about a rich culture and history....  being confronted with just how affluent I am and protected from civil war, economic upheaval, ....

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