Thursday, February 17, 2011

Investing for the Kingdom

A couple of years ago I read a fascinating article in Christianity Today about a US-based group MinistryWatch, that evaluates financial practices of Christian ministries. One thing they do is each publish a list of their 30 Shining light ministries, who they think are particularly honourable. They also publish a list of 30 donor alert ministries, which engage in dubious financial practices. [A minimum requirement is that the organisation should post an audited annual financial statement on a public website].
One noticeable thing is that in dubious list, 12 of the 30 have the leaders name in the name of the ministry (e.g. Benny Hinn). In contrast, this is the case for only one of the 30 Shining light ministries.
I wonder how groups in Australia would stand up to some of these standards?


  1. Connected to your blog through Jon Coutts (This Side of Sunday). Great insight into the name connection!

  2. Thanks for the invitation to your blog. I never did feel comfortable with some of the hyped up ministries and am dismayed at how few brothers and sisters question the financial integrity of institutions they donate to.