Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The bludgeon of "rationalism"

On Saturday I was part of a great discussion of Miroslav Wolf's Exclusion and Embrace. He emphasizes how "rationalism" and "argument" are icons and bruising weapons of modernism. I started to write a post "Am I ir-rational?" arguing that in much modern discourse it seems that the label or accusation of "irrationalism" is just thrown about to denigrate people who you do not agree with, rather than taking the time to carefully engage with their views.
However, I realised I had already written such a post, more than a year ago!

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  1. But your blog reeks of the language and "world"-view of rationalism.

    Perhaps because of your background association with science, or more correctly scientism.

    Rationalism is of course the language and by extension, the "world"-view created by the left brain. The language created "world"-view which now patterns every minute fraction of the modern world, including all of which is usually promoted as religion.

    It is certainly the only acceptable language in the academy, including ALL of the schools and departments of religion and "theology".

    It is also the language of both scientism and reductionist exoteric religion, especially Protestant Christianity. Which are two sides of the same reductionist coin.

    Love, not reason, should make decisions. Decisions based on reason and not love always bind you to more suffering.

    Therefore, let the heart be your intelligence. The heart is unreasonable. The heart is mad. And the heart is the ground which Reality Itself intrinsically calls you to walk on.

    The only way to overcome your fear of death is to love. Allow the heart to break, and be that sign. Be a feeling being.

    Love is the victory. Love is the meditation. Love is life. You simply must become willing to love, without reason. Allow God to BE. To love is to be truly religious.