Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More to milk than meets the eye

I thought this "sick science" experiment on Steve Spangler's science is really cool. I showed it to some of the kids at church to illustrate the following point.

Milk looks very simple; it is still and looks just like white water. But there is more to it than we can see. It actually contains proteins and fats, and these are all wriggling around like crazy. The soap and dyes reveal to us or at least give a hint of all this activity....
It is a bit like God. Just because we cannot see him with our eyes does not mean that He is not there or that He is not working quietly behind the scenes. But we need something to reveal him to us. Jesus is what does that...

IGNITE is an annual conference and expo on children's ministry in Brisbane. I am giving an elective on slides of my presentation from last year, Using science demonstrations to help teach kids about God.

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